Market analysis and commentary

Our market analysis team

We are known for being experts in the Forex industry and our market analysis team is exactly that. Their market research reviews are regularly cited in the world's leading media publications, a testament to our commitment to helping traders worldwide reach their full potential. Stay informed on all the latest market news and opportunities with daily insights from our experienced team.

Tan Chung Han (Han Tan)

Tan Chung Han (Han Tan) joined the Exinity Group in 2019 and is the Chief Market Analyst at XM.

Tan Chung Han is an experienced financial journalist and news presenter with an in-depth understanding of global markets. He provides our clients and international media with valuable insights on market news and macroeconomic trends.

He is frequently quoted by major media outlets such as CNN, Reuters, Dow Jones and S&P Global Platts.

Lukman Otunuga

Lukman Otunuga is a Senior Research Analyst at XM . He is known for providing in-depth market insights through his video series XM Market Updates and has written for top publications including the Financial Times and The Guardian.

Lukman's in-depth analysis of global markets is regularly cited by leading international media outlets, including The Associated Press (AP), BBC, CNBC, CNN, Marketwatch, Nasdaq and The Telegraph.

Channel Yeung

Channel Yeung joined XM in 2020 as a market analyst. Channel provides in-depth analysis of currencies, stocks, metals/precious metals, commodities and more.

Channel likes to share his knowledge of financial markets. He has actively participated in numerous seminars as a keynote speaker and has created a range of educational materials such as articles and webinars on investing and trading.